The Reliable Recall

Teaching your dog to come when called - no matter what - each and every time!


How to get a dog who comes every time despite distractions!

Introducing ...The Reliable Recall dog training course

The Reliable Recall course will teach YOU to teach your dog to come every time no matter what.

... No more having a dog that ignores you

 ... No more screaming at your dog to come

... No more frustration because your dog won't listen.

This course is for dog owners who want to teach their dog to reliably come when called ~ no matter what ~ each and every time.

A Pawfect Recall Every Single Time

I know what you're probably thinking right now ... Sure, it sounds great, but how do I know it will really work?

I have years of experience teaching high-drive working dogs to come when called. If you put the work in, you can too.

To understand what makes The Reliable Recall course such a powerful vehicle, let me tell you ...  

The Reliable Recall course is super easy-to-use even:

 ... if you've never owned a dog before
... if your dog is older
... if your dog has no previous training. 

Imagine What It Would Be Like To:

... take a walk in the park without worrying if your dog will run off

... go for a stroll knowing your dog will listen to you when needed

... know your dog will come when called, no matter what.

You can have all of these things with The Reliable Recall course.

By signing up for this course, you can experience the difference between a dog who ignores you and a mind-blowing recall. Try The Reliable Recall course and discover the difference for yourself!

Course Summary

This course is designed to teach YOU to teach your dog to come every time you ask and no matter what the distraction! 

Course Curriculum


I approached Ruff Diamonds Dog Services to help improve my dogs focus and drive, with the end goal being to compete in dog sports, and I can honestly say he has improved enormously from our time with Vanessa. In the past, I found it very challenging to keep my dogs attention for more than a few seconds when around other dogs or people (he is a very friendly and at times stubborn terrier!) and now I understand not just how to manage his behavior but keep his attention and focus in highly distracting environments. Overall I found Vanessa to be a very knowledgeable, passionate and dedicated trainer who worked hard to ensure that we got the most out of the time we had with her. I am so excited to be able to start agility training this week with my much calmer and driven little dog and will certainly be contacting Vanessa again if we have any other issues in future. Highly recommend!

Ness Jones

Training Director, Ruff Diamonds Dog Services & Separation Anxiety In Dogs Decoded


SAPro Trainer (Separation Anxiety Specialist)

NatSA (Small Animal Naturopath)

Canine Nutritionist

Canine Myofunctional Therapist


Provided our family with all the necessary tools to get our crazy, new puppy under control! Was thorough with explanations and took the time to work with each of us to understand we knew what we could be doing to train our pup. Showed a great deal or care and concern for our puppy’s well being and was happy to help wherever she could.

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    Teaching your dog to come when called!

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